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One Thing Leaning on Another
residency.ch, Bern

POOL PARTY, at sandwich



Five Individual Solutions at Ivan Gallery

Dispositions in Time and Space - group exhibition at MNAC

Flags for Madonnenschloessl


the sound the wood makes at WORKING TITLE exhibition, MAGMA

105 variétés

gifted brunch

the platform


breakfast on red table


superstition lunch party

layered potluck

bedroom IV
































































































































































July 2016
At the end of the residency in Bern, at residency.ch, together with
artist Raluca Popa, we organized the exhibition
One Thing Leaning on Another

June - September 2016
POOL PARTY was open all summer long at the new place to be in Bucharest,
of course - sandwich ! An active installation of generous but non intimidating proportions, using water as the perfect connection between friends and strangers alike. Check out the photos and text directly on the sandwich website.


Watch a video portrait of Daniela from 2015, beautifully narrated by Dirk Diggler and produced by Artycock.tv and tranzit.ro.


Dec. 2014 - Feb. 2015 ^ "Five Individual Solutions" at Ivan Gallery includes a series of wooden objects and a modified spy-mirror.

Nov. 2014 ^ Two new works are part of the exhibition "Dispositions in Time and Space" at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. On view until March 29th 2015.

Sept. 2014 ^ first series of Flags was recently installed in Bernstein's Madonnenschloessl.  

Sept. 2014 ^ Daniela is spending the last summer days in Madonnenschloessl.



Winter 2014 ^ once again, hand-drawing takes its fair place among Daniela's activities, despite the short hours of daylight and lack of precise goal. There is more, here. (updating weekly)


^ October 2013 - still in residence at ENE, Daniela is researching perfect matches using recent archaeological findings. Here ˆ you can see a live demonstration. [later, this becomes part of the sound the wood makes, first exhibited at MAGMA in April 2014]

September 2013 - Daniela is currently in residence at EstNordEst in Quebec, Canada. She was paired up with a local artisan. Together they are making models for a new quebecois-inspired furniture collection. Like the one above ^.