about CAFE 35

CAFE 35, Șelari 13 st., Bucharest

OPEN: MON – FRI, 11 – 19, + special events

a project by Daniela Palimariu
original furniture: Atelier Brut
For two weeks, I am transforming the art gallery Atelier35 in CAFE35.
For the past two years, the old centre of Bucharest has been flourishing. Systematic investments have encouraged boom – gentrification: not even a process, but an overnight explosion of bars, discos, italian, greek, arabic, chinese, traditional restaurants and cafes, of all colors and sizes. Atelier35,one of the oldest artist-run galleries in Bucharest, with a history of over 50 years, managed by and for succeeding generations of young artists, is situated inside the Old Centre. Lately,during the summer, the terrace of the neighbouring medieval restaurant completely covers the front of the gallery.
CAFE35 makes it possible to enjoy free time, leisure, a cup of coffee or a party directly inside the art gallery, until now a black hole, cut out from the busy street.
A series of punctual events are merely excuses to meet up and do simple things. Guests are invited to bring whatever is needed for the events to be successful. During the day, from 11am to 7pm,CAFE35 is open to anyone that needs a place to read, work, have a meeting, pass time. Teas and coffee are available and self serviced.
CAFE35 should not be seen as a symbolic project, or even as a performance or an installation.The coffee is just coffee, the benches are just furniture. The space is transformed.





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