Welcome to Gifted Brunch!

You will find in this box your own piece of the brunch. Whatever it is, you should know that it
is one of the most important elements at the table. You are encouraged to exchange pieces of
what you have, in order to get pieces of what the others have. Be gingerly with your
possessions and only trade it if something good is given to you in return. Keep in mind that
that everyone around you has their own interest; don’t be a fool; know your value; try to get
as much as you can while giving up as little as possible.

And finally, enjoy the Brunch knowing that you have made the best decisions!


Gifted Brunch took place at Intermediae/ Matadero, in Madrid, Spain, in July 2013,
as part of the Curators' Network project. The event was included in the
Impossibility vs. Self-Censorship exhibition curated by Anca Mihulet and Bori Szalai.