home THE PLATFORM is the final project included in my MA Fine Art program in Falmouth, U.K. Its material form is a large construction, elevated 40 cm from the ground, with five cavities in which people were invited to sit or lay down in, using different excuses. For the last three weeks of the MA program, The Platform became a meeting place, a soup cafeteria, an exhibition space, a nap station (most popular!), all advertised as such and open to the public. The project reveals my interest in design and architecture as tool for communication. It also investigates and questions group dynamics, our expectations about personal space, the different layers that a construction such as this can take.  

OBJECTS by Anna Spearman REARRANGED by Daniela Palimariu


SQUARE CIRCLE OBLONG performance by Ann Hycock

ARTISTS' MANUALS talk by Eugenia Demeglio

KIDS AND ANIMALS on The Platform